The Copyright Office Denies Protections to Bloggers

The Copyright Office released a draft of its Third Compendium of Office Practices this past August.

This is the first comprehensive statement of the Office’s practices in three decades (the first since the internet became an integral part of everyday life).

The Copyright Office is unable to develop a registration option that provides support for the concept, “Share the content, but don’t steal it.” The CO’s practices don’t allow the law to live and grow with technology and how it is used.

In it, the Copyright Office puts registration and the protections it affords out of reach for most bloggers.

. . . by making the registration process expensive and burdensome, the CO has eliminated significant copyright protections for the average blogger. Bloggers make up one of the largest categories of content creators on the web.

For my view on how the new Copyright Office Manual denies bloggers these basic protections, visit Plagiarism Today where my guest post on the subject can be found.


photo credit: ~Horla-Varlan~ via Compfight cc

photo credit: ~Horla-Varlan~ via Compfight cc

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