Kathryn Miller Goldman and Thomas J. Minton have worked together for their clients to solve complicated legal problems in a collegial, modern and professional setting since June 1, 2003.

The Goldman and Minton families have been friends for nearly 30 years, and the business relationship between Tom and Kathryn draws strength both from that long friendship and the partners’ diverse and accomplished backgrounds.

Goldman & Minton, P.C. is able to serve clients from around the country with a variety of legal needs.

With the partners’ now over 50 years of combined experience, Goldman & Minton, P.C. is widely recognized as one of the leading class action firms in Maryland, and as a successful civil litigation, business, intellectual property, employment law, and insurance coverage firm.

Goldman & Minton, P.C. serves clients both large and small – from a newly successful artist who needs copyright assistance, to large groups of consumers who have been cheated by a Fortune 500 company, to small and mid-size businesses that find themselves involved in complex transactions or litigation in Maryland or D.C.

As the firm has grown and thrived, Tom and Kathryn have been able to celebrate many notable successes. Please read about some of them on this website.

To learn more about the firm and what it may be able to do for you, please read the attorneys’ biographies or give them a call at (410) 783-7575.