Work with Kathryn

Work with Kathryn

You've been steadily building your business, delivering services, developing your writing craft, or honing your artistic skills.

As your style unfolds and your work gets noticed, your business gets busier — your followers start turning into customers.

Events are starting to control your business. ​

Does an agent want to represent your next book?

Have you been presented with a publishing contract?​

Are you licensing your art?

Are you planning to protect your brand with a trademark?

It's time for you to control your business. 

It's my job to give you the power to protect your work so you can profit from it. When you work with me, I will help you understand how the law and contract language applies to you so you can build your business with confidence.

​Kathryn is a trusted and incredibly knowledgeable attorney who provides great insight on what needs to be done. I trust her. I feel legally protected in my contracts and business disputes.

Julie Jankowski Artist & Book Designer

Let Kathryn Help You

​. . . build a solid contractual relationship with your agent.

. . . sign an advantageous deal with your publisher without giving away all your rights.

. . . protect the revenue streams from your art with a license agreement.

. . . control the ownership of the cover art for your book.

. . . develop a strategy for protecting your creative work.​

. . . clear a trademark for your business.

. . . hire or get hired using an independent contractor agreement.​

Angela Calabrese Author

​I benefited greatly by hearing Kathryn's thorough feedback of the contract I was questioning. She explained what the legal jargon really meant in terms that I understood. It made me so much more comfortable to move forward knowing that she went over it with a fine tooth comb. Kathryn also provided me with legal suggestions and advice in case I found myself in other circumstances down the road.

I was concerned that I had not met Kathryn before and was hiring her based on an internet search. There's always that gnawing question of whether someone is legitimate when you don't personally know anyone who has ever hired this person.

​I have already recommended Kathryn to author friends who are getting closer to obtaining an agent.

Fixed Fee Services

  • literary agent's contract review
  • publishing contract review
  • licensing agreement
  • independent contractor agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • copyright consultation
  • trademark consultation
  • other consultation

Independent Contractor Agreement ($1,000)

Whether you are hiring an independent contractor or being hired to work for someone else, avoid misunderstandings by putting the terms of your arrangement in writing.

An independent contractor agreement should include:

  • ​payment terms — how much, how payment will be made and when
  • a clear scope or description of work to manage everyone's expectations
  • the understanding that equipment needed to carry out the project is owned by the contractor 
  • how expenses will be managed
  • an understanding that the contractor will be responsible for paying state and federal income tax
  • language that sets out how long the agreement is expected to last and how it can be terminated
  • language that protects proprietary information
  • a promise that the contractor will deliver original creative work (not infringe the work of others)
  • a promise from the contractor that all state and federal licenses needed to do the work are in place
  • work for hire language that clearly addresses the ownership of the work being done by the independent contractor
  • a statement that makes clear the relationship is not an employment relationship (no benefits are being provided, for example)
  • dispute resolution process (mediation, arbitration, or litigation), and
  • a promise from the contractor that liability insurance is in place

If you'd like to hire Kathryn to draft or review an independent contractor's agreement for you, fill out the contact form below and attach a copy of the agreement or include the terms you'd like covered. She'll get back to you promptly with a formal engagement letter.

​From introduction to execution, I was informed, it was painless and felt very different from other lawyers I've worked with. I had a great experience.

​It was a quick contract and didn't make me Go Broke (I found the price was very fair).

Scott Oldford, INFINITUS Entrepreneur

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To hire Kathryn for contract review, send your contact information and the contract you would like reviewed. You will receive an Engagement Letter for your signature followed by a PayPal invoice.

Kathryn will review your contract and give you detailed, written comments. When she sends her comments, she'll also send you a link to her schedule. You can book a time that works for you and ask any questions you may have.​

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​Kathryn has rapid turnaround and is thorough and the consummate professional. She also understands the publishing business. It was money well invested for me, as she not only helped me know which clauses of a contract needed my attention but educated me throughout the process. She's very good at making the complicated simple.

I found Kathryn Goldman on the internet, and I was concerned that I hadn't been referred to her. I was able to research her company in other ways, however, and the more I found out, the more I was happy I found her.

​Kathryn Goldman is a valuable resource, and I will use her again. I highly recommend her, especially if you're an author. You truly should not sign a contract without her.

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger Author, Speaker, Coach