Does Your Business Need to Register Its Trademark?

Part of building a successful business is knowing when to invest in trademark registration to create protection for your brand.

I wrote a guest post that appeared on Renegade Planner about when to invest in trademark protection for your growing business.

In Does Your Business Need a Trademark? I explain when and why you might want to invest in trademark registration and when you should wait.

Entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with great ideas. It’s what they do. If it truly is a great idea for a business and not a secret formula or methodology, you really can’t keep it secret very long. To be successful, you have to roll the idea out and get the business going.

As you set out to build a business, understanding when to register a trademark is an important part of strategic decision making.

When you start using a trademark to identify your product or service you are beginning to establish your common law right to that mark in the geographic area where you use it. Even if you don’t file for trademark registration when you start your business, you can begin to protect your mark just by using it.

Read the rest of the post here: Does Your Business Need a Trademark?

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