How to Start a Publishing Company (or Any Company)

If you’ve finished writing a book, it’s not that big a leap to go from author to publisher. Starting a company, a publishing company or any kind of company, gets easier by the day.

I wrote a guest post on how creative professionals can choose the best type of business structure as they start to build their empire and it is over on Jami Gold’s blog.

The Business Entity Continuum

This list describing the various business organization choices should give you a basic understanding of business formation to help you be thoughtful about your decision.

In Want to Start a Writing Related Company?, I explore and explain the options available to creative entrepreneurs when going into business for themselves.

You can start as a sole proprietorship, then if you find that you need protection from personal liability, you can transition to an LLC. If your business grows to the point where increased income calls for a more aggressive tax structure, you can transition into an S-Corp. Or you can change to multi-member LLC if you want to add another member, and so on.

Jami’s blog has over 475 posts about the craft, business and life of writing. She has also developed amazing story arc beat sheets and writing craft work sheets. You will enjoy wandering through her wisdom.

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