Fighting eBook Pirate Sites on the Internet

There is a site called General eBooks. A large number of pirated ebooks can be found there.

Recently, Molly Greene, a well known blogger and author, asked me to help her get the links to illegal downloads of her books taken off the site. I did and wrote about how I did it in a post for her, Has Your eBook Been Pirated? Here’s What to Do: Step 1.

Since that post went live, many authors have found their books on the site. I have offered to help get the illegal links to their books taken off the site, as well.

Check out the post and if you have a minute leave a comment.

If you find any of your books on the General eBooks site, let me know whether you’d like my help having the links removed.

Share this with your author friends (it’s not just indie authors, traditionally published work has been found there, too).

I’d like to inundate General eBooks with removal requests.

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6 thoughts on “Fighting eBook Pirate Sites on the Internet

  1. Karen Kondazian

    My book The Whip was found on General Ebooks because of the keen eye of my wonderful marketing person, Rachel…
    My assistant followed your instructions but there may be more to do… I would like you to help to wipe links, etc off their site…
    thank you so much….Karen Kondazian

    1. Kathryn Goldman Post author


      At the top right of this page, there is a sign-up form. Once you enter your email, you will be sent a link to the report. Let me know if you have any trouble.


  2. L.P. Lindeman

    My book has recently been pirated. It is not even available in ebook form until July 1st 2015 and the print version went live today yet this post has already been up. the site used is here. What can I do to stop this.

    1. Kathryn Goldman Post author


      I took the link out of your comment because I don’t want to give any traffic to what may be a malware site. I think that’s the case here. Your book hasn’t been pirated. Your name and the title of your book have been hijacked to lure people looking for free ebooks into downloading malware. It is a problem that is plaguing creative professionals and their digital content. In some cases takedown notices can be issued. Unfortunately, this site is registered to someone in Russia.

      Sorry I can’t be more help. The only thing I can say that might be encouraging is that the folks who try to download your book for free from this site are unlikely to be your customers in any event.


  3. Angel Strong


    My name is Angel Strong, I am the author of Thandi’s Love: A Novel and also the previous edition Thandi’s Love: Final Edition. Recently I found my book on an unauthorized site @ for freedownload, and others based in India and also on E-bay! How can I retain your services? This is very disturbing to see criminals profiting off of my hard efforts.

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