Appropriation Art, Richard Prince and Copyright

Every time Richard Prince pushes the fair use envelope using someone else’s work, I struggle with what it means for other artists. Does copyright protection have any meaning when Richard Prince takes what he pleases and keeps the change?

How do you balance artistic freedom on one hand with protection of an artist’s work on the other?

In a post I wrote for the Art Biz Blog, Has Richard Prince Killed Copyright for Artists?, I talk about the tension between an artist’s exclusive right to create a derivative work and the right of appropriation artists to transform the work of another into something new.

The threat to most artists is from every day Internet “sneak thieves” – lazy non-creatives who right click, copy and paste. Prince did more than that, but not much more.

And while obscurity is a bigger problem for most artists than infringement, artists need to be mindful of basic strategies for protecting their creative work.

Visit Art Biz Blog to read the post.

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photo credit:  Neon Copy by  MGDboston

photo credit: Neon Copy by MGDboston

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