Artist Profile | Sheila DeLaquil

delaquil_0Sheila DeLaquil hails from Annapolis, Maryland. She is a watercolorist in the experimental style whose creations have a strong sense of design and are full of rich color.

Although Sheila has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from California State University, she has had a lifelong interest in drawing and painting. She took art classes in grade school, high school and at a community college in California. Since moving to Maryland, she’s taken classes and workshops with local artists.

Sheila’s work has been displayed at the Maryland Federation of Art, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, the Art Gallery at Fells Point, the Artists Gallery in Columbia, the LightStreet Gallery, Quiet Waters Art Gallery, Galesville Gallery and at many exhibitions of the Annapolis Watercolor Club. She has won awards at Annapolis Watercolor Club juried shows and at the Galesville Gallery.

Because of her love of nature, landscapes, florals and abstracts are Sheila’s usual subjects. When painting, she looks for images that will hold the viewer’s interest beyond the first interaction.

Sheila paints in watercolor because of its clarity, richness and unique ability to convey a feeling of light not found in other media. When creating a painting, she takes advantage of the medium’s fluidity and its constant ability to act unpredictably.

The works of Vincent Van Gogh have served as a great inspiration to Sheila. She is very attracted to his work and several years ago had occasion to visit a room of his paintings at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris. She states she was “forever impressed with the excitement and vivacity of Van Gogh’s work.”

Goldman & Minton is proud to own a piece of Sheila’s fine art work.

Sheila’s website with more of her work can be found here.

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