Artist Profile | Rhona Schonwald

Goldman & Minton, P.C. is pleased to be showing the work of Rhona Schonwald in its office gallery this spring.

Rhona considers the creation of each of her works to be an exploration of color and compositional rhythms that is comparable to the improvised performance of a jazz musician.

She believes that​ each piece has something new to offer the viewer each time it is seen. Although she has spent a significant part of her career working in realism, the abstract is where she has found her passion.

Great Barrier Reef


Rhona's background is in art education and she has recently been exploring the translation of her vibrant images to textile. 

​A large part of Rhona's portfolio consists of sculpture. She mounts some of her three-dimensional work for hanging.

You can enjoy more of Rhona's work on her website.

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