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Bus Stop Boys by Helen Sampson

Bus Stop Boys by Helen Sampson

I have been photographing most of my life with an early emphasis on subject matter that would assist in my graphic design/artwork.

My BFA is in Art History which has remained a foundation for my obsessive interest in historical and not so historical, well-lived-in architecture.

I have been working as a graphic designer and corporate photographer for all of my working life. I began my largely self-taught photo career in traditional black and white photography making prints in my kitchen.

I have, in recent years, pursued digital photography exclusively. My photos are largely straight forward although I occasionally let Adobe Photoshop have its way with my images.

A Slice of St. Patrick's NYC by Helen Sampson

A Slice of St. Patrick’s NYC by Helen Sampson

The intent behind most of my photo images is to capture that “as it was” feeling in all cities large and small and the solitary existence of the humans who live there. My subject matter leans heavily toward well-worn urban architecture and obscure, overlooked corners of the city, with hints of human involvement.

I am particularly enamored with Baltimore as a city that has the best of large and small, providing an endless supply of unique and visual stories of decay and returning to life. Baltimore is a treasure trove of vignettes even as the renovations continue. I miss the preponderance of formstone, the bleak veneer of gray.

I photograph when I can “get away” from work and most happy when walking with no particular destination in mind from sunup to dusk.

Pink in Florence by Helen Sampson

Pink in Florence by Helen Sampson

Goldman & Minton was pleased to show Helen’s work in their new offices in the Spring of 2012.

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